10 Photographs of Impeccable Timing That Come Once in a Million Moments

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10 Photographs of Impeccable Timing That Come Once in a Million Moments

Photography is a profession that began as a money making and documenting career has now become one of the most artistic professions in the world. The huge array of fields where one can pursue photography is just amazing. People around the world take up different streams of photography contributing to create some of the most mind boggling images.

Timing is one of the major factors in taking the perfect photograph. Sometimes a person just waits for years to take that one shot that they have been planning and dreaming since a long time. Many a time it turns out to be a coincidence. Continuous shots is also a feature that is common in most cameras today where one can take a hundred photos one after the other in quick succession and then pick the one they consider has the best timing.

History All Day brings to you 10 such photographs of impeccable timing captured throughout history.

10) The Perfect Huntsman

Twisted Sifter

Captured at the perfect moment, this image shows a tribal man hunting off the coast. It was clicked right at the moment when the spear was about to impale the fish.

9) The Whale and The Dolphin


Birds often go around in some marvelous formation, but this is something just amazing. The birds form a whale and dolphin in the sky as the photographer captures this beautiful formation.

8) Flying Like A Jet

Twisted Sifter

Shot at the exact moment when the bird and the trail left behind by a jet coalesced into each other, the appearance is of a super-speeding crane.

7) The Olympic Dive


The Omega timing in the Olympics is paramount as it is the key decision maker while deciding who came first. This is what the camera captured as the swimmer dive flawlessly into the pool at the same time and with the same posture.

6) Taking the Bird Down


Wildlife gives us some of the most mesmerizing moments such as this one. A great white shark rises into the air to snap out a pray right in its flight.

5) God Controls Everything


Science is what makes a plane fly but it is God who controls it. A common belief among religious people is slightly proven with Buddha holding a plane by its tail in this perfectly timed image.

4) Maintaining the Tension


Another great image from the realm of the wild, this image beautifully captures the moment a shark comes out of the water just before it is about to break the surface tension of the water.

3) Collaborating with The Sea

We Heart It

Colors come together in harmony as the dress worn by this woman incidentally coalesces with the colors of the sea and that too in perfect symmetry.

2) The Water Spout


The photographer captured this image of a water spout forming in a hurricane of the coast of Florida, moments before Florida was about to experience one of its worst hurricane disasters.

1) The Pyramids and the Stars


One of the rarest images captured by any camera in history is the iconic moment when the Orion’s belt aligned in perfect position with the Great Pyramids at Giza.


Timing is all about patience and the knowledge of the way things work. It takes years for a photographer to perfect their timing skills. Nonetheless, these images show the talent and precision of the photographers that took these images.

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