10-Year Challenge That'll Take Your Breath Away

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All of you must be now fully aware of the #10YearChallenge that has now taken the world of social media by a storm. Everyone nowadays is busy in bragging about how drastically their looks have changed by comparing their 10-year-old photos to their latest ones. But are only the appearances of peoples that have changed over these past 10 years? No!. We have compared parts of nature of what they used to look like 10 There is one aspect that we have all overlooked so far that is of our Mother Earth years back and how do they look now

#12 The Arctic region


The image depicts the deteriorating conditions of the northernmost part of the earth. Can you find those huge chunks of ice that you see in the first image in the second? No. That’s exactly what we want to convey. The Polar Regions are getting adversely affected by Global warming. Moreover, this melting snow is leading to a huge rise in the level of ocean resulting in the areas near oceans getting completely submerged under water.

#11 The polar bear

etravelphotos |kerstin.langenberger.photography

Polar bears are large hypercarnivorous bears that are found in the Arctic region. Yes, the one we just discussed. If the habitat gets destroyed where will the animals go? The second picture reveals the unpleasantness of the situation. A healthy male polar bear is weighed around 350-700 kg. Does that look like anywhere like this? He can barely manage to even stand. These species have now been classified as vulnerable species.



Once earth constituted of nothing but trees & seas but as humans continued to expand their territory, more & more forests were depleted. Aren’t we familiar with our habit of cutting trees to make our lifestyles more lavish? Every year forests lose 7.3 million hectares of their domain. The barren land illustrated in the second picture should be enough to reveal the seriousness of the situation.




Take out your lenses guys because you’re going to need them for this one. Let’s play a game of finding the lake. Are you able to find the lake in the second image? Me neither. Well, it used to be there. Lake Chad of Africa was responsible for providing water supply in the people living in four countries Chad, Cameroon, Niger & Nigeria.




Rondonia, a state in Northern part Brazil, is now stated as one of the most deforested places in Amazon. It originally constituted of rainforest spread over 200,000 km but the continuous deforestation has now wiped up more than 50% of the rainforest. Tragic, isn’t it?




Everybody loves to take a long walk along the riverside. Fishing on the weekends is a routine of many. Sailing & swimming in the lakes is always tempting.  But what if there are no rivers & lakes to sail, swim or fish into. These rivers & lakes have been shrinking at an alarming rate now more than ever.




You all might be sitting at home enjoying all the luxuries that life has to offer but what if one day everything gets snatched away from you? You get pushed on the roads. How will that make you feel? Well, that’s basically what we have done to the wild animals by destroying their homes i.e. the forests. They have no place left they could call home!




The seals are mostly confined to the polar, sub-polar and temperate climates. These seals are now facing the extinction due to the loss of habitat mostly melting of ice caps. Many of these species have already been extinct. An unfortunate loss for such a fun-loving animal: Is it worth it.




Often referred to as the “rainforest of the sea”, coral reefs constitute a large part of the ecosystem beneath the sea. Reefs are best known to grow in warm, shallow and clear water. But is the water of the seas clear anymore? We have been continuously using seas as a disposal container. Thus, the thriving of reefs under such condition has become impossible.




Ever heard of an acidic river? Well, this is pretty much it. Due to an acidic, heavy-metal-laden spill from a gold mine in Colorado in 2015, an accident happened due to the carelessness of workers that led to draining of several gallons of toxic water down the river. The recovery is still in progress.




When are we humans going to learn that this planet is not only for serving our greed? It is as much as our planet as of other creatures. The continuous disposal of garbage, plastics and toxic elements in the seawater is withering the health of sea creatures & they are dying.




Ever felt excited about buying new furniture for decorating the home? The dining, sitting, cabinets, and beds that give a sense of royalty to your mansions, ever wondered where do they come from? The picture here says it all. We humans as an intellectual species must understand the seriousness of the situation & work for the collective well-being of all species on this planet.

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