12 Times People Were 'Scarred With Tattoos' & The Results Will Blow Your Mind

By THP Team


“Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real”, is something we’ve often heard while growing up, and this weird generalization helped us accept and embrace the scars we had. But dated stereotypes can’t come to the rescue for everyone, and some people have scars that affect not only their self-esteem about their appearance but bring back genuinely traumatic memories every time they see them. Others are born with birthmarks no one asked for.  Being devilishly difficult things to erase sometimes, often the best way to take back control of your body image is by incorporating your marks into something positive, something that you chose yourself. Tattoo artists are incredibly talented and creative people who can often relish the extra challenge of working with a scar or a birthmark to create something truly unique and here is proof of that.



Nails are one thing you can get in shape without any exercise but what if you don’t have them? Imagine your fingers without nails, its hard right. The tattoo artist surely did a wonderful job concealing the man’s flaw. Thought must have crossed your mind that the picture on the right is definitely someone else but no that’s not the case. The tattoo artist did a commendable job. Art is making a flaw beautiful and that’s what has been done.




It has been said, ‘time heals all wounds.’ I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.” Same applies for scars. A lady is however beautiful in any way but if a small flaw or scar can be beautified then what’s the harm? I named this the heart on the right because this tattoo, covering up a scar is as beautiful as someone’s heart. The right heart that is full of flowers & full of innocence. The tattoo artist performed an admirable task.



Scars speak. Tattoos speak. This picture speaks to me of escape. It signifies a soul who wants to escape, who wants to break free, someone who wants to break free from this world. There are infinite things from which one wants to escape but can’t. There are two types of people, one who do it for punk and the other who have meaning and reason behind it. The one in the picture sure had a reason and the picture speaks to us about a mind who wants to leave all behind and live a peaceful life.



You need a great story about a vacation, party or outing what makes it better? Alcohol is the answer to a great story or more precisely wine. So what does it takes to make birthmark look cook? Of course, a pill, a glass of wine over it and you’re done, my friend. That’s what the tattoo artist did he knew that alcohol, being the major cause too many problems, is the only thing to make this one look better.



In every angle, a devil lies and in every devil an angel strides. A coin has two sides and likewise, a person has two sides. Well, this is not a personality disorder we are talking about, in every person resides a devil and in every person lays an angel. A great tattoo displaying an affectionate relationship between an angel and a devil. A person should always maintain a certain balance amongst their spiritual demon and angel.




This one gave me a major throwback to my childhood. In fact, it will take anyone back to their childhood once they see this. Won’t it be great to have your childhood superhero the savior of your nowadays flaw? The tattoo artist did this amazingly. To those who are not familiar with this character, well you can go and live under a rock because this is everybody’s favorite Pokemon, CHARIZARD.



“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” A baseball player maintaining an image of rugged personality here justifies the above quote by a simple gesture. Concealing and still not hiding his scar at the same time. A smiley can put a smile through once face anytime of the day so why not?



Another example of disguising a scar in a perfect way: let us appreciate the dynamism of the artist. A scuba diver is welding underwater over a scar. The tattoo artist performed an admirable task. The mark which was a scar before is now part of an artist’s imagination, its a part of a portrait, it has become an art itself.




It’s a problem free, philosophy, hakuna-matatta. Well, this takes me back to my childhood, to lion king and to Timon and Pumba. Those were the days. Imagine those days are inscribed over your hand and remain with you forever while concealing up your scar. What wlse would you want when your very own Simba resides over your forearm? Well, who doesn’t want that?





“I am not afraid of 1000 lions led by a sheep but i am afraid of 1000 sheeps led by a lion on the war grounds”. This is what Alexander the great used to believe. A fantastic tattoo displaying one’s spirit guide being a lion. When a lion strides in as your spirit guide then you know it’s time to rediscover your inner cub.




A tattoo is nothing but a picture and a picture speaks 1000 words but what if the picture is trying to frighten you? Well, we surely had chills for a second while having a look at this. Isn’t it a strange but epic way to cover up a scar. An artist really made the guy sliding in alive. Looks like the tattoo asks whether somebody’s there or is it only the one who resides within the guys arm.




Well, this guy had a different plan. He wanted to have a tattoo over his scar but never wanted to cover that up which ended up being like this. People who don’t find this funny live a depressing life we guess. This guy is amazing and must have given the tattoo artist laughter for a whole week.



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