20 Life Hacks From Yesteryear That Will Ease Your Life Even Today  

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20 Life Hacks From Yesteryear That Will Ease Your Life Even Today

The last thing anyone would expect from cigarette cards, which were initially used to strengthen packaging, is help with how to live life more efficiently, let alone cards from a hundred years ago. But trust us, they are more than helpful.

In the beginning, these cards were left blank, serving its sole purpose of providing support. But it didn’t take long for the manufacturers to get the idea of putting artwork, trivia, pictures of famous people, or their own brand logos on the card, as part of the collectible series.

In line of this, Gallaher Ltd of Belfast & London, and Ogden’s Branch of the Imperial Tobacco Co., in the 1910s, printed a series of 100 “How-To” cards, which are basically life-hacks for the 20th century. These tips ranged from everyday tasks, like boiling water, to emergency situations, like how to steam out a splinter. Surprisingly, these 100-year-old hacks are handy even in the 21st century.

Thanks to the New York Public Library, who digitized a 100 such cards, we can now avail their advice. Here are some of these cards, ready to make your life easier.

20. How to cut bread, definitely a lost skill that we need to bring back.

19. A definite skill for the new age wander-er.

18. This one is for the cool kid.

17. An effective housekeeping skill that help every bachelor.

16. This is one for the masses, and specifically for the egg lovers.

15. Are you a foodie or a chef?

14. Now you can finally put those empty liquor bottles to use!

13. This one is for the artists, an absolute lifesaver.

12. Another one for the cool dudes.

11. Tackling the obstacle of a spectacle.

10. An egg-cellent skill to take care of the thing that take cares of our hunger pangs.

9. This one is for the old school souls.

8. A kitchen skill so basic, yet so important.

7.  Tie-dye lovers will thank the Gods for this one.

6. For everyone who love putting their home tools to use.

5. Another one for the artists, the messy artists.

4. Keep them furniture looking new forever.

3. Trust me, all you clumsy people out there really need this one.

2. Getting something stuck in your eye can be a pain, well, in your eye. But this little trick will help you with that.

1. A skill that may not come in use everyday, but is definitely one that will prove worth its value in the long run.

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