9 Viral Images From History You Thought Were Real But Are Actually Fake

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9 Viral Images From History You Thought Were Real But Are Actually Fake

History is crowded with images that might seem ostentatious and preposterous to us today, but many a time everything the eyes see isn’t true. Fake media and propaganda have been ruling the world since the age of the World War when many people cut and cropped posters and other photographs to suit their needs and motives. The invention of Photoshop enhanced this motive and gave the world a new and more authentic way of changing and modifying images to suit their needs.

History All Day analyses 9 images from history you thought were true, but are actually fake.

9) The Nazi Candy

The Nazis had a strong propaganda of promoting their Nazi ideologies through all mediums possible and so one might believe the Nazis put their emblem on ice candies as well. But this image that is said to have been from 1938 is actually a still from a movie made in 1983.


8) Marilyn Monroe and JFK Affair

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most popular actresses to have ever graced the silver screen and JFK is one of the most popular presidents of the USA. A love affair between the two would have been a blockbuster film to talk about. But the images that show they had an affair are all actually fake. The woman in the image is actually a look alike model.

 7) Women Wearing Shorts

In many countries even today, a lot of people would stop and see if they saw a woman wearing a pair of shorts. But this image shows women wearing shorts in the year 1938. The image claims that an accident took place just because the women wore shorts. The image is clearly staged as there is no dent on the car.


6) The Giant Grasshopper

Capturing a larger than natural animal, has been something that has fascinated hunter for ages. But not all hunters are successful in doing so. But photo editing artists have made a slight change in history to give credits to a few in actually capturing them. This image is of a man capturing a larger than real grasshopper. This is a fake image as it is impossible for a grasshopper to grow that big.


5) Woman Riding A Rabbit

Riding animals such as horses and cows is very common, but we’ve also heard people riding emus and ostriches. That as a matter of fact is true, but some people took this idea a little too far. This image shows a woman riding a rabbit. Firstly it isn’t possible for a rabbit to grow that big and secondly the speed of the rabbit at that size would be immense for a person to ride it just using a couple of reins.


4) A Baby Adolf Hitler

Many papers around the world circulated an image that was thought to have been of the German dictator Adolf Hitler. The baby was called cruel at birth and a lot of other things. But this little baby wasn’t Adolf Hitler. The image was of a certain John May Warren whose image was tweaked in the lab to look more evil and sinister.


3) Bush Reading a Book

This image also became very popular around the world. It showed former US president George Bush holding a book upside down while visiting a school. This was created just to make a fool out of the former President and wasn’t real. He actually held the book properly while reading out of it.


2) Roosevelt on a Moose

Many a time, people are shown riding other gigantic animals to show their prowess. Similar to the one where Putin rode a brown bear, Roosevelt never rode a moose. This image is obviously tampered and there is no record of the former US Prez ever riding a moose.


1) Steven Spielberg and Animal Cruelty

People have a bad habit of criticizing people and calling names without understanding the story or the context. The same happened with Steven Spielberg who was criticized on the internet for animal cruelty. The image that led to it was of him sitting next to a dead Triceratops. People actually didn’t understand what happened. The triceratops has been extinct for millions of years. This is obviously photoshopped.


These images show that many a time what we see is not the truth. Truth is a lot of times, concealed underneath the superficial layers of a lot of other ideas. Some of them were created merely for fun whereas some where a part of a well planned propaganda program.

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