96 Year Old Holocaust Survivor Fronts A Death Metal Band

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Miracles, usually that word people in this world hardly believe into,. What’s more surprising is that you can make that to yourself as well! In this crucial way of living a lifestyle for a lifetime is quite a heavy task but it’s never too late to change the course of your life in your own way but as well for your own betterment and comfort. In the course of these sentences let’s link it to a live inspirational example that can shock as well hit us to the depth.


Inge Ginsberg, a writer for all over her life. As we said that it’s never too late to do anything that you wanted and to fulfill in your life, age, time, creed don’t matter and don’t even come in way of your dreams to make them real. This lady is a 96-year-old Austrian-born woman who became the lead singer for a death metal band three years ago. Although the question is why death metal? Obviously being a writer usually people and the world will recognize you or label you as an introvert silent person who would be there in their own worlds but death metal from where this stream to her came into her?


At one point, Inge remembers, that she felt like nobody wanted to hear her out and that society was not interested in hearing from the elderly, as she mentioned in a New York Times short documentary. She even said that she can’t even sing, she can’t carry a tune, so this metal music works just as to convey her words to the audience. In this journey of conveying words to the world and build a relationship with the people her younger friends helped her out, they convinced her to try to convey her poems with the help of death metal tunes. And Inge delivered big time.


A Jewish grandmother, who used to write her poems in English and German, soon became the most popular among the audience who shout her poetry to them accompanied by the metal music. Her main topics are humanity, environment, love, hatred and staying true to yourself.. “Heavy metal is not really poems, its messages,” Inge says. She was born in Austria Vienna in 1922 in a Jewish family and was brought up in a good and wealthy manner they lived in the city and even had a weekend villa. Then comes the Nazis but although freedom was quite difficult she still survived it by getting a spy villa for the US secret service.


Her father managed to escape to England. In 1942, Inge’s mother turned to a family friend, who, in return for all her jewels, smuggled the family into Switzerland where they ended up in a refugee camp. Later, Inge looked after a spy villa for the US Secret Service, which was set up to spy on Nazis and coordinate operations of groups fighting the Germans. Her first husband musical composer Otto Kollman moved to the States and settled in Los Angeles. The couple worked in Hollywood – Inge had studied piano before, so she worked with her husband composing songs for such stars as Nat King Cole and Dean Martin. However, by the late 1950s, Inge says she became tired of Hollywood life and described it as “all fake.” She parted with Los Angeles and her husband, with whom she shared a daughter.


Morals were her first priority, a very moral person, but her stretch goes in quite different ways. She gave her own moral laws and values that she always follows. She did not hurt anybody or did any injustice to anyone who comes across to her life. Her attitude towards life is what peers of teenage age should follow being in her 90s also she has the way to her own dreams freely expressing and she loves what she does. Freedom is what she values in her life the most. She even says that reaching this stage and age of her life she doesn’t really give a damn what others think she hardly cares, she has no regrets what others think. Age is not a matter it doesn’t even the change a matter.

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