Ever wondered your doppleganger could be in a painting? These 12 people proved it!

By THP Team


It’s always been exciting to acknowledge the existence of someone who may just be your carbon copy, but where exactly do you find them in this gigantic world is a question that remains! Well, it turns out that for some people it is easier than most of us and it all began when one man started posting his picture against a painting that had a portrait that resembled his face, and we kid you not, it was indeed very very real!

Just like that, many people who followed his post on social media started to hunt down their potential chances to encounter with a look-alike stuck in a painting dated centuries back. The History Pictures found 25 such people who met with their dopplegangers literally in a certain wall-painting or a portrait! Don’t believe us? Scroll down to see it for yourself.


 This man certainly was born by his biological mother, but its only shocking to see that in the past he was born to somebody else!


When resemblance is so uncanny, we wonder how real would their personality traits would be! But, we are sure this dude has nothing to with the church since he looks like would rather listen to ‘pop’ more than he would listen to “pope”.


Gender dysphoria may be a recent discovery by the science and pathology but this image proves that the soul can take many shapes. This young girl imitates the young danish boy in the image and all we have to say to transphobic people “Live with it”


It’s like the the portrait got bored in the night and decided to walk out of the painting and haunt the museum guards who plays Hotel California on repeat!


There was certainly particularly charming about men with long hair back in the time. Not quite sure about the stockings and a tunic top. But thank god to the present day doppleganger who looks comfortable and happy with himself or at least with the fact he finally found his doppleganger!


It’s fascinating to learn that you and your friend randomly walk up to a museum and find a painting that resembles you. Its like history repeated itself and how!


When you find yourself baffled looking at your look-alike, you just pose and sip the tea in peace!


It’s good to know your doppleganger was as handsome as you are now, right? It must be one hell of a ride to experience this kind of eureka about your self!


When you’re angel but the fact only reflects through a painting.


Vintage elegance meets modern elegance with commonplace – resemblance of face! As they say royalty never fades, its right put for at least this elegant woman here. Only that it looks like her look-alike is making a face for the bosom she could never flaunt!


We are not happy for the fact the Henry the 8th has a doppleganger but we sure are delighted to learn the fact that a devil can be born twice! Just kidding!


Another uncanny resemblance makes us to rush to the nearest art museum, just to satisfy ourselves that we are possible in ways more than one!

We are still stunned by these images for the uncanny resemblance it shares between two people from different times. Is it true after all, that people are born twice, or perhaps more times than we know? Write to us in the comment sections stating your view about look-alikes and if you do have any picture of your look-alike, share it with us! Want to be surprised like this more often? Count on the History Pictures to serve you with many surprising facts from the past! Subscribe to our page to get new updates of the unknown past!

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