Ferocious Or Adorable; Guess Who Is Guiding The Master’s House

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What image does a ‘BEWARE OF THE DOG’ sign bring to your mind? Probably some terrifying beast with sharp teeth and the loudest growl. However, sometimes the reality is the just the opposite! However, they can definitely kill you, kill you with their cuteness! You might forget to breathe or won’t want to go back to your place at all. Don’t say the sign didn’t warn you! We have collected a list of these ferocious, life-threatening animals to save you from becoming their next victim.


#1 The owners know better

Yes, the cat does look super shady and curious. Now, do we really want to go near the curious tiny being or trust the advice of its knowledgeable owners? A peak won’t matter, right? Right??


#2 Playful or really cunning

You cannot escape this zone until you play a game of throw-catch or Frisbee until you are completely out of breath. You must know that death can also come in various forms and breathlessness is one of them. Don’t say we didn’t warn you then!


#3 Death by little feet


For once, maybe all of us can escape through the bigger doggos, but what is one supposed to do when a fluffy brown dog waddles up to you with mini feet and looks up to you with the famous ‘puppy-dog’ eyes? I think death is inevitable here!


#4 Replacement works pretty fine

We’re sure that this does not come under any types of Canidae (or Felidae, for that matter) but if the job is being done then how does it even matter? Maybe it’s the bigger size or the really pinned eyes that no one in their right mind would want to upset it by trespassing.


#5 Do not judge by its size


Just when you expect a huge, bared teeth dog breed to pounce upon the gate and scare you with its loud barking, you see this sight. Many would melt and many would do the mistake of misjudging the dangers that are to arise in their path. Don’t be swayed by its size, It is not your regular little kitty! Or is it?


#6 Self –actualization is it?

No! We absolutely refuse to acknowledge that this little bean here could cause any harm! It could definitely lick you to death but the eyes speak a different story. The only question at this point is, how did it end up with such a contrasting sign?


#7 When the image doesn’t match the reality

This is so not the picture that you have in mind when you read the sign. Maybe the work is under progress or maybe it is somewhat of a trap. Whatever it may be, there is absolutely no chance that we are letting these fluffy heads get out of our sight for once!


#8 Puppy Dog eyes much?

Risk of losing control over your tear ducts or the risk of dying out of euphoria? This dog needs a playmate ASAP and it shows so bad that anyone would be ready to take the risk of trespassing just to give it a few minutes of excitement. Wouldn’t you?


#9 Is it a trap?

You can never know for sure when someone can take your trusting nature for granted. Do not make the mistake of disturbing its afternoon nap or you’re surely in for a guilt trip. Just mind your own business and perhaps, ogle at its cuteness from a distance!


#10 Are those bloody handprints?


Look at the handprints of all those innocent people who couldn’t get away. Surely, they aren’t drawn for effect. This one seems like it’s on a very jumpy trampoline and there’s literally no other way to escape. Not for him, not for you either!


#11 Who made sign? 


Talk about contrasting statements! This doggo needs a lot of attention, but to make a safe assumption here, don’t we all? To pet and run or to pet and continue is the question.


#12 Old School

Some people don’t always like keeping their dogs inside They probably tied the dog up to give it some outdoors time and a break away from the kids! They didn’t want it chasing after squirrels and getting lost. This one looks super groomed and ready for a serious talk. What do you think?


#13Training in Progress

Probably looks like a training session in progress. And there is no doubt that the younger one is catching on super-fast. I mean, aren’t you more scared by the mini version?


#14Whachalookin’ at?

Get Set up for the most intimidating dog expression of the year! It questions your life choices to the point wherein you decide to not approach it at all. Someone should have warned you about the nervous breakdown after all!

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