KISS Band- Rolling (in controversies) Since 70’s

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Formed in the year 1973, polarized rock band KISS has caught massive public attention for their Satan-like makeup, outrageous outfits, and furious concerts. They had a huge fan following and were another metaphor for Nazis, Satan, and Blood. With blood lusting eyes to fire breathing guitars, every aspect about them was spot on dramatic. However, whenever it comes to discuss their image, people always seem to have contrasting views. Some of them considered this a marketing strategy however others considered them a worshipper of Satan. They were often criticized for their life revolving around drugs, money, and sex! Let us take you on a tour of major controversies this band was engulfed by.

They wanted to be personalized as Satan followers and they gave the best show to live up to this image. Their song “The Oath” is pledging their loyalty to Satan:

“Like a blade of a sword, I am forged in flame

Fiery hot

Tempered steel, fire-bright to the night I take

I fear not

Now compelled by something I cannot see

I go forth surrendering to history

Your glory, I swear I ride for thee

Your power, I trust it rides with me

Your servant, I am and ever shall I be”

The words were enough to highlight their ties with the demon. They even urged the fans to do so. The fans went berserk over the song. They were fascinated by the lyrics and lured into the KISS Fandom.


(Photo by Gabor Scott/Redferns)

Whenever interviewed about their lifestyles, the band members always had varying tales. One such example is the controversial photo shoot for the album “Hotter than hell” from 1974. One of the members Peter Criss, in his autobiography, stated that it seemed like a group sex session with him drunk and another member Paul Stanley supine half-naked. He further added on, that there were dozens of girls buzzing around him like bees drawn to honey.

However, his former wife totally declined the claims and stated that his husband might have lost it and it’s just a publicity stunt to promote his autobiography. Whatever the reality may be, it certainly caught public’s eye.



(Photo by Marcos Hermes/LatinContent/Getty Images)

A heavy debate has over time originated, regarding the connections of the band with the secret society, both real and fictitious, Illuminati. The 15 years delay in band’s introduction into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, from the time when the band was at its peak, raised a lot of question. Many conspiracy theories evolved based on this. One such theory was that its Illuminati that are keeping the band at bay. The secret society is doing all in their might to prevent the band from rising because the band promoted the idea of Satanism. The Illuminati connection trailed back to one of the former member Vinnie Vincent. Apparently, Vinnie had tried to haul the band away from Satanism. Vinnie later emerged as Ankh Warrior, sporting Egyptian ankh, the symbol resembling Illuminati power.




The name and logo of KISS Band have been conjectured over again and again by various sections.

Germany even banned the logo of the band back in the 70s stating that the logo resembles the Soviet troops from WWII.

It was speculated that the name is an acronym for “Knights in Satan’s Service”. Even if it was dismissed by the member Gene Simmons, the idea remained good for business. In an Interview he stated

“Misinformation about the band began to spread in the southern Bible Belt states, including a rumor that the name KISS stood for Knights in Satan’s Service, and that the four of us were devil worshippers. Ironically, this rumor started as a result of an interview I gave in Circus magazine after our first album; in response to a question, I said that I sometimes wondered what human flesh tastes like. I never wanted to really find out, but I was curious intellectually.”


(Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)

In 1882 even the members leaving the band became a hot disputable topic. Ace Frehley and Peter Criss were the one to leave and were heavily criticized by Paul Stanley. He blamed their high drug and alcohol use as well as their detestable behavior for their exits. He accused them by saying

“They felt] powerless and impotent when faced with the tireless focus, drive, and ambition of me and Gene. As a result, the two of them tried to sabotage the band… “

However, both the members denied his accusations totally and said they left by choice.

Stanley even dropped some bombs on his mate Simmons by saying that Simmons wasn’t the genius everyone thought of him as. He was a mere credit stealer.

Wherever these controversies had led the band, the band will always be remembered for their unique appearances and wild performances. The Rock and Roll band always did their finest to leave the audience bedazzled. Whenever they’ll be recalled, an image of fire breathing, blood spitting, smoking guitars, shooting rockets, levitating drum kits, and pyrotechnics will automatically take over our mind.


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