15 Images That Bring Out the Deep-Seated Meaning of Photography

By THP Team


Letter make words, words make sentences,
sentences make paragraphs and we have a story to read by the fences. ‘Sitting on a farm by the fences, the farm belonged to my uncle, under the orange sky due to the setting sun; I looked at these breath-taking pictures taken by many photographers. Each picture has its own story to tell. What’s amazing is that every other person can perceive different stories by looking at the same pictures, here’s what we got to say about these mesmerizing clicks. Here are the fifteen we find the most intriguing.



Is this the real life or its just fantasy?

Is there actually an escape from reality?

What is the worth of these people’s loyalty?

Did they take birth to sustain with cruelty?

Lu Guang, an award-winning Chinese photographer, exposed the sides of China that its government isn’t keen on talking about drug addicts, HIV patients, environmental problems, and so on.



Different tales the oceans tell,

To different people, different stories they sell,

Sometimes calm and sometimes they whine,

To make then even more beautiful, the sun shines.

Matt Burgess, an Australian photographer, captures these mesmerizing views of the ocean. Looking at these pictures, the ocean is a magical place, a place like Narnia but we won’t be needing any closet to enter this magical world. The ocean speaks to everyone. One can find solace on a shore with ocean waves coming and going, one can have adrenaline flow surfing over the waves.



How can a cute little kitty be turned into a pleasing beast? Robert Sijka, a Hong-Kong based photographer, loves to combine his two passions in life: photography and his beloved Maine Coons. Maine Coons are the largest of the domesticated cats, and they are as close as you could safely get to having an actual Lion in your house. Their powerful facial features are perfectly framed by a majestic mane, with their sturdy build and slightly menacing prowl completing the mini-Mufasa vibe that this magnificent breed oozes.



Thinking about middle eastern countries, we’re often met with a harsh juxtaposition between seemingly endless riches from the oil industry and the harsh brutality of conflict and war. Its depressing that war could overshadow the perplexing but amazing beauty of a country. One of the oases of the region in Lebanon. Located between Syria and the Mediterranean Sea, with Israel to the South and Cyprus to the west, Lebanon is a relatively small country with only a little over 10 thousand square kilometres of land. I wish i could be there right now and see how it feels to be in a country so beautiful.




Seoul, South Korea.

A city with which anybody can fall in love, a city where you can find anything you want, be anything you desire. Nature serene full of peace and on the contrary busy lives of people in the city; you can’t be homesick once you visit Seoul, it gives you the homely vibes. ‘Moved to Seoul almost three years ago from the US. My plan was to stay only for one year, however, those plans were quickly changed when I really fell in love with the city and the culture of Korea.’



A very famous saying, “An old fox understands trap”, but no animal can understand nature. Roeselien Raimond, a Dutch wildlife photographer, has been bringing joy and warmth to people with her fairytale-like photographs of wild foxes for over 8 years. Looking at her gallery of foxes provides a truly captivating and calming experience, as Roeselien brings these gorgeous creatures to life with her exceptional ability to capture their spirit. The interest in foxes seems to be contagious as by the end of the day looking at Roeselien‘s stunning artwork we want to take one of these enchanting animals home.



The unexplored dimension of this amazing world. One would be too curious to know the unknown secrets of the aquatic life. The secrets might be dark, the secrets might be surprising but the secrets for sure is too delightful to have a look at. Blackwater diving and shallow reef paddling would be incredibly hard to explain if it wasn’t for the vivid images people brought from beneath the surface. Celebrating the beauty of waters from all over the world, the 7th Annual Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest has just announced its winners, and the pictures speak for themselves.



Japanese say that a person, in reality, has three faces, one for the world, one for their close ones and the last one is the most real which he shows only to himself. Pablo Yano Garcia, an artist born in Japan and raised in France, showcases different colors worn by people. People often behave as someone else under different circumstances. Each face, each expression has a non-identical personality or nature. Imagine what world would it be if you could identify which face a person is showing, is that his or her actual personality or not?



“Rome is not like any other city. It’s a big museum, a living room that shall be crossed on one’s toes.” – Alberto Sordi.

The ancient city of Rome, a place full of history, culture and what not. You might be curious enough that why are these not complete or reflection in a puddle of water? Well, it was meant to be this way. Autumn is the time when portals to other worlds are opening. Raindrops fill magical mirrors called rain puddles, they also float on the glass panes showing us a world that is a bit weeping because of the lack of sun. And this was the time the artist went to click beautiful Rome.


10) SO HIGH.

“My friend gave me death for Christmas. He infected me with the hepatitis C and committed suicide on Christmas day because of that”…..This is what the guy in the photo said to the photographer. People in photographs are addicted to heroin and its substitutes, mainly Czech methamphetamine called Pervitin. These are the moments from their lives.



The way you can bend reality is so unreal that the brain is completely convinced and you end up exploring a lot of new ways of creating this kind of content.



What is it like to see your grandfather in a completely new millennial look? #DadduCool is here again with his forever refreshing fashion sense and equally enthusiastic inner strength at the age of 98.Yes! 98! You heard it right! On the one side, grandpa keeps himself engaged in prayer, worship, however, on the other side, he is also busy finding vibrant color choices and experimenting with his own style. He still has an inner child and that is the most amazing part about his personality.



The rugged the hand look, more precious the product is. These hands tell different stories. Each palm line showcases the hard work they did. Walking through Brazil, We captured some images of workers who use their hands to excuse their livelihood.



“In 774 they crossed the street of Gibraltar to arrive in Europe. The first business women introduced rice, ginger, granaten pom, oranges, figs and sugar cane in Europe. The products became very popular especially in the Mediterranean countries” What if colonization and transatlantic slave trade happened. And what if people don’t judge on our sex and appearance but on the content of our mind. How would our world look like today? I made this series ‘Europe’ based on these thoughts in combination with my everlasting inspiration from the Renaissance in The Netherlands.



Meet Joey and Petee, two Siberian Huskies with a friendship that will melt your heart. Canadian photographer Chelsee Taylor is a freelance photographer from Sudbury, Ontario, with a passion for the great outdoors and traveling Northern Ontario with her two best friends.

See their collection of images below including ones from their latest fairytale session to inspire people to always keep adventuring, believe in yourself and to follow your dreams.

Image credits: Bored Panda

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