7 Compelling Photos That Aired the Possibilities of Time Travel

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One concept that has been baffling the scientist ever since the dawn of civilization is Time Travel. A practically yet unattainable abstract, if over time made possible will change the course of mankind. Time & and time again people have been questioning the potentiality of traveling in the time. Some even proclaimed that they had experiences with time travel. Here are few of the major controversies in the past that’ll leave you all puzzled!




Have you all watched one of the most loved series of Netflix in 2017- Stranger things? The plotline of this thrilling and supernatural show revolves around this controversial project. The Montauk project is considered a conspiracy theory that has circulated since the early 1980s. It alleges that there were successive secret US government projects that were conducted at Camp Hero or Montauk Air force station. These primarily include the development of several psychological warfare techniques and researches including time travel. There were speculations regarding horrible experiments performed on abducted boys and alien meetings. It’s considered one of the experiments went horribly wrong and memories of test subjects had to be wiped out by brainwashing techniques. Who knows what might have happened that day?




“Billy” Eduard Albert Meier, a citizen of Switzerland first came in limelight in the 70s when he claimed to befriend aliens and traveled back to the Jurassic Era in their spaceship. To further support his claims, he presented other materials such as metal samples, sound recordings, film footage, and snaps when he was in past. He also asserted that he had visited various galaxies and another world these extraterrestrials he had tagged along. He had also garnered a heap of the photograph that supported his claims further. These photographs depicted the alleged spaceships that he calls beamships and alleged alien species Plejaren. He further argued that these Plejarens are human-like individuals and allowed him to take photographs of them. Pretty interesting, huh!




John Titor captivated a huge section of the audience’s attention with his first online post back on November 2, 2000. He declared that he was a man from the future & his mission was to fetch a……well a portable computer. He stated that he was a military time traveler and he often time travels. Once he even took a younger version of self on a few rides. He predictions kicked off a new hysteria among people and then began the rounds of discussions, speculation, and investigations. People became obsessed with it. He predicted that there will massive chaos in the year 2004-government instituting martial law, a nuclear war, a disaster that will leave frozen to death and many more. However, none of his predictions came true. Too much hype, all for what?




Andrew claimed to have arrived from the year 2256 when the world’s economy had hit its low and crumbled to nothing. He proclaimed he was the one sent back in time to prevent it from happening. This caused a major upheaval in the media and they made a run for it. However, his tale backfired when the newspaper that published the story was found out to be in on it.  In an interesting turn of events, later it was discovered by that authorities that this person had turned the initial investment of $800 to $350,000,000. When they went to arrest him, instead of denying the accusation, he shocked authorities with a four-hour confession. Andrew claimed that his 126 high-risk trade-offs paid off because he was from the future and knew they would. To add on to the mystery, when he was bailed by an unknown benefactor for $1Million, he vanished on the way to hearing & was never seen again!



One of the most significant urban legends of the 1980s that has been prevailed since the widespread of the internet is of Rudolf Fentz. The legends take us back in one of the evenings at New York City’s Time Square where a man was run down by a taxi and killed due to fatal injuries. However, there were several peculiar things about this dead man. For the starters, he was dressed up in 1800’s clothing and has several antique belongings of that era. These include business cards bearing his name and an address on Fifth Avenue, $70 dollars in old banknotes, a letter addressed to the same address dated 1876 from Philadelphia, a copper beer token also from that era. It was also stated that before being run down he looked confused in the middle of the road. The case still remains unsolved.




Now, this story really gets on my nerves. An image gets radiated through personal blogs and popular media resources back in the spring of 2010. This image is an old photograph from 194 which authenticates the re-opening of South Fork Bridge, British Columbia. One striking feature of this image was that of a person wearing present-day clothing. No one in the snap seems to distinguish the weirdly clothed man. The man can be spotted wearing a hoodie, printed T-shirt and sunglasses with that were not even prevailed back in the ’40s. Although few of the people consider this to be a hoax and a miracle of Photoshop, the photograph still remains a mystery among many!




The bizarre experiences of the military pilot have caught the eyes of many since 1975 when he released his book Flight Towards Reality’, he wrote it reminiscing the events of 1935. He recalled flying to Edinburgh from Andover, England one day that year. On his way, he passed over an abandoned airport in Drem, Scotland. The place looked more like a farm with cattle roaming around. A few days later, on his return journey, he encountered a storm. The storm made him lose command over his plane and it began to fall. He decided to land at the nearest airport in sight. As he approached the airport, the storm vanished and he could see mechanics wearing blue overalls, working on yellow planes. Now, this was unlike anything in the Air Force in 1935 because of his knowledge the mechanics wore brown overalls and there were no yellow planes. To add on to his horror, he realized that it was the same abandoned Drem Airport, brand as new!


We might not conjecture the authenticity behind these controversies but the tales were enough to raise a doubt in the minds of people on the possibilities of time travel. What are your views on the time-traveling business and which story did you like the most? Tell us in the comments section below.

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